Francesco Bonifazi
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None - Intrumental music.
Short Song Description:
Instrumental piece in the mold of Pat Methany's and Lyle Mays' work, but with different instrumentation including my puccalo - whistling!
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Lyric Credits:
Music Credits: Francesco Bonifazi
Producer Credits: Francesco Bonifazi
Publisher Credits: Francesco Bonifazi
Performance Credits: Francesco Bonifazi
Label Credits: Whistling Troubadour Music
Song Length: 5:50
Primary Genre: New Age-Alternative
Secondary Genre: New Age-Progressive
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Instrumental
Subject Matter 1: Other
Subject Matter 2: Other
Mood 1: Tranquil
Mood 2: Peaceful
Similar Artist 1: Pat Metheny
Similar Artist 2: Eminem